Salad Bowl Game

(low fidelity)

Value Proposition: Similarly to the game "Heads Up", the appification of the "Salad Bowl" game increases the convenience and accessiblity with which the game can played.
Rules of the Game
  1. All players contribute to a bank of topics that will be picked at random during 3 rounds of game play.
  2. All players split up into two teams.
  3. Each person on each team will have 1 turn to present a randomly selected topic from the pot during each round of gameplay.
  4. In the first round, each player has to try and describe as many topics as possible to his team without saying any of the words written on the topic card.
  5. In the second round, each player has to try and have his team guess as many topics as possible by giving only a one word hint for each topic.
  6. In the third round, each player has to act out as many topics as possible.
  7. The team with the most guessed topics after three rounds wins!

User Flow

No sign up required, there is either an option to create a game or join an exisiting one.

If a player chooses to create a game they are brought to screen to enter the number of players that will be participating.

After entering the player quantity the player creating the game is brought to a screen with a game code to give other players and place to input suggestions for the salad bowl.

If a player chooses to join a game, they are asked to put in game code and brought to screen where they can start inputting suggestions.

Once a user joined or created a game, they will be able to enter their topics into a shared "bowl" of topics.

The player creating the game can choose to close submission to the game and proceed to a screen asking a player from the first team to start their turn.

Once a player starts the turn they will be brought to a screen with a 30 second timer, a random topic, and indicator of the round type. They will then play the turn until time runs out, and swipe left or right depending on which topic their team was able to guess.

After the turn ends, a different version of the game screen will appear but with a design indicating its the turn of a player on the other team.

When each user played a turn in each of the three rounds the game ends and a screen showing the final score is revealed.

Players will have the option to either restart the game and enter fresh suggestions...

Or players could restart the game using the same topics.